Two under two is exhausting.  Shoot, ANY child under two (or three, or four... please tell me it gets easier after four...) is exhausting! In the exhausted, I'll-do-anything-to-make-my-life-easier frame of mind, Gara and I consistently threw around ideas to allow for an extra 30 minutes of watching DVRed episodes of the Bachelor nap.  Anything to make our lives easier!

Both Gara and I had done quite a bit of freezer cooking to stock our freezers while pregnant and really, really reaped the benefits for months after our babies were born.  We recognized the value in cooking in bulk and occasionally would cook two or three meatloaves/casseroles/etc and swap with each other, getting to enjoy two or three meals with the work of only preparing one. In typical fashion, Gara, the brains behind the operation, cleverly came up with the idea to do this several friends, maximizing the amount of meals we could have pre-prepared for our families.  After hearing the idea, I (also in typical fashion) took the idea and ran with it.

We started out small, just 6 of us, to get details ironed out. We met for the first time in Gara's garage to swap out... the second time in a restaurant parking lot.  It was awkward, really.  But it was convenient... and it worked.  We quickly realized, after a few "I love freezer co-op!!!" facebook posts, what a great thing we had going, and decided to pitch the idea to our friends.  And thus, Freezer Cooking Co-Op was born!

We plan to pitch the idea to our Mom's group at church at the end of February and have big dreams... we are hoping there will be enough interest to form groups based on location, food preferences, and specific diets (organic, weight watchers, vegetarian, etc).  We will keep you updated as the project evolves!

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